Effective Strategies On How To Get A Girl To Like You

By Hieke Huiskes

Every individual wants someone special in life. It is no wonder why every guy wants a sweet charming girl as his life partner. But every girl usually likes bold and tougher guys in general. So how can you get her like you?When men are mostly turned on by the looks of a woman, a woman usually likes a man of character. Women are usually turned on by the personality of a man. Every man should be therefore self confident and should be bold and mature enough to handle tough situations. Ironically if you really want to get a girl to like you, then you should always be on a high and never let her feel that you are in need.

If you are wondering how to get a girl to like you fast, then be her friend. For her to notice you, first ensure you are in her circle of friends as girls don't just like random strangers. Once you have won her over as a friend you can now start flirting with her. This will let her know of your intentions and she will most likely respond by flirting back if she likes you or not if she doesn't.Another tip on how to get a girl to like you is by acting confident- girls like guys who are confident. Being confident will show a girl that you believe in yourself and she will enjoy being around you.

You should always be on a high and never look needy or desperate to find a girl. Try to make friends with as many girls as possible. Try to date a whole lot of girls, as this will help to get a command over situations. This will not make you desperate to hunt that special girl as you will always have lots of options around you. Moreover if she sees, that other girls are getting attracted to you then she will too get attracted in general. This is the psychology of every girl. So, you should know how to play with their minds.

You want her to like you as more than just a friend, am I right? If you want her to see you in that light, like a guy she definitely wants to be MORE than just friends with, you are going to have to make her feel a lot of SEXUAL TENSION. Guys who know how to make a woman feel sexual tension are not the ones who complain about being in the friend zone, because as long as she DOES feel that sexual tension - she is going to want to be more than just your friend.

We've all been frustrated when a meet that ONE girl that drives us nuts. She's just so hot, funny, charming, and sexy that we just can't contain ourselves. Yup, I often just don't know what to do. Having dealt with this so many times I made a promise to myself I would find a proven way to get girls to like me. I'm not claiming to be a dating guru or player but here's the good news. These techniques work for everybody so you won't have to wonder about how to get a girl to like you!

Don't come off as desperate. If you want to get a girl to like you, you need to present yourself as secure with yourself and in control of your desires. Women are naturally attracted to guys who are confident. Women are competitive and want a guy who's in demand. If you act like an overly emotional, clingy guy, you'll annoy her and ultimately turn her off. Now, I'm not saying to act like a cold-hearted jerk! What I am saying is that you need to project an attitude that says if she likes you awesome, but it not, there are plenty of other chicks waiting.

How do you get a girl to like you? You need to be different. Girls do not like plain and boring. They do like exciting and unique, and adventurous. First decide what you want. Do you want quite, or outgoing, blond or brunette. Try to get specific as you can about the type of girl you want. Then you need to find out what sort of things that girl likes. If you want an adventurous girl, you have no chance if you continue to "be yourself' if you are someone who is afraid of his own shadow. You have to become the person that they want to be with. Then spend time doing the things they like to do with them. If climbing rocks gets their adrenaline going, and gets there heart pounding, and you go everyday to climb with them... they're going to associate those good feelings with you.

The experts say that girls like to hang out with guys who are funny. Most guys interpret this to mean telling jokes and being the life of the party is how to get a girl to like you, but this is not necessarily the case. Seeing the humor in everyday situations, always having a positive attitude and a smile on your face will attract more girls than a guy trying to attract attention to themselves. (See tip one above)

The dating industry is a big business. There are thousands of products, and millions of people buy them every year. But don't expect girls to automatically be interested in meeting you if your approach is off regardless of what pheromone cologne you might use. The problem is no approach works all of the time, and no approach that has success when used by one guy will always produce the same result with someone else.

While, I don't claim to be scientist, my own experience shows that the effects of pheromones confirm their power to attract women. When applied as directed, certain pheromones produce a positive "response" by the opposite sex. These pheromones have brought me a high level of attention from women, that I would normally think are out of my league! While they can't actually smell the pheromones it's amazing how easily they attract. Overall, women have shown a strong desire to talk and interact with me.Since, I've been using them, I've had way more dates and some very nice intimate encounters! It's an awesome feeling and has given me a lot more confidence. If your shy, or don't feel comfortable approaching women, than pheromones will benefit you a lot. This is one of the easiest ways to get a girl to like you!

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