I'm John Mac, a computer science engineer, i worked for several years as a software developer then project manager. During this period, I note that a lot of the people at this company were very stressed, they suffer from anxiety, they worked hard, very hard without results but there was something does not work Then i see that the most of people i know and i meet every where are so.

I'm one of these people.

4 years ago i start looking for why. Why people are so stressed, anxious, unhappy.

And I find a book wich explain why and how to become more zen, happy. This book was about meditation and mind power

Then i started studiyng what is meditation, yoga, Alpha mind power and other techniques wich help people to be Zen. 

I discover that our mental is our worst enemy.

And finaly i overcame it and found peace.

The Idea of the blog, 


The Idea to create this blog come from the need to share knowledge with the maximum of people who are still in control of their mental.

I'll try to give you simple articles, audios, videos, links where you can find the easiest way to find yourself and know that you have Unlimited Power (One of the books wich change my life).

I hope you'll find the road to self improvement through my blog.