Beneficial Guidance to Help you Build Your Vision

By Chelsea Grace

Recognize the source and point of vision. Its purpose is to be shared with all those around us.

Living life based solely on our own private desires is truly living life at the most primitive level. It makes no allowance for the joys of investing into our fellow human beings and the generations yet to come. The inheritance we leave behind is the materials that another generation will build upon. One of the reasons I adore writing, is it is my private investment to those who find my life helpful to theirs. The belief that somebody one hundred years from now may glimpse my life and judge my thoughts, both excites me and enfranchises me to write more. A selfless life has a commitment to investing beyond our own wishes and into the wants of another.

Not impractical thinking or a great idea it is "supernatural"

If everyone planned their life as a result of their vision for it, we might call that common-sense or just the normal process of living. The truth is, not everybody lives their life according to the final purpose for which life is lived. Most people live life from one circumstance to another and plan in the midst of this process.

Living life with purpose and intent or according to our destiny is mystical. It goes beyond the natural approach to living, by assuming responsibility for the decisions we are to make beforehand. At this level of living we move beyond the norm and move into the supernatural. Unrealistic thinking is actually living life in a knee jerk fashion. Vision is all about intentional living. Fashioning our regular lives in the opinion of the blue print, which we have seen ahead of time. Visionaries do not live their life by chance, they live their life out of purposeful action.

Vision is not contrary to our creators will

With no regard for our religious convincing, we want to accept that we are made for eminence. Heaven and earth collaborate to form a quality of life, which goes past temporal living. Living life at its poorest form is stupidity and at its greatest level, enlightenment. Life lived at a quality of total awareness, is a life lived with acute potential. Vision is available to every person on earth. Poverty of imagination is misery at its worst. As our mind starts to dream about potential, our will starts to change toward the chances of what can be.

As we each take up our personal responsibility to fantasize on a level beyond the natural, we enter in to a dimension of creativeness. Creativeness is the present that we were all born with, but circumstances conspire to rob us of the initiative to birth the seed of creativity. The will of our creator is to enfranchise each one of us with the same creative capacity.

Not primarily based on capabilities and talents, though we may use them definitely or adversely

Poverty of spirit is the real reason why many of us live with what might have been, rather than what can be. When we excuse our lack of attainment on our lack of provision, we exclude ourselves from the power of creativeness. One only needs to go into less well-off states to recognize the creative genius that appears because of need. Resources may be in poor supply, but invention and creativeness are never an orphan.

Beginning where we are is at a basic philosophy to success. If we are waiting for all we need before we start we will never start. The hidden inertia that compels vision forward is initiative. Resources and provision are drawn to those that live by vision, and the momentum that gathers due to initiative is fair reward to those bold enough to act upon it.

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