Finding A Voice Over Coach NYC

By Tara Daniels

There are many advantages to doing voice over work. You do not have to worry about putting on a costume and there is more opportunity to play characters that would be harder if you were doing a live action project. In order to get the most from your vocal performances it helps to find the right voice over coach NYC.

There are of course people that get work without acting coaching. This can be true with voiceovers as well as any other form of acting. However this tends to happen to a very lucky minority. Furthermore increasing your range and improving your skills make you more marketable to an agent or potential clients.

Each of these requires different approaches. A good coach will recognise this and help you to develop your skills for the kind of work you want to do. This is why when you first meet a coach it is worth discussing your goals and what you would like to do so you can gauge whether they will be able to coach you in the right way.

As well as how you physically approach a performance you also need to remember that this is still acting. How someone speaks can affect how a character is perceived. For example one particular challenge is in how to differentiate playing a younger version of a character from an older one. It is not just about making the pitch of the voice higher but also having a different energy come through the performance.

A good vocal coach will work with you and ensure that you prepare properly before any vocal work. Given that you depend on being able to speak you need to breathe in the right way and hit the tone in the right way. The coach needs to be able to show that they have the right training in order to do this.

Familiarising yourself with the equipment also helps to make it less intimidating. If you are used to using equipment before your first professional performance then you are more likely to perform well. Furthermore this then means you are likely to get more work on the back of a good performance so this is worth investing time in.

The best way to ensure this is to find a coach that has had extensive experience in the industry. If they have worked in the business for a number of years then they are more likely to be aware of what people want and the best kind of performances for different types of work. For example the kind of performance needed for a radio drama will be different for a wacky cartoon character!

With any service it helps to research and this is certainly the case when choosing a voice over coach NYC. It is worth looking online and both their website and feedback from people who have previously used their services. This will help to ensure that you get the best possible coaching to get you the best chance of getting a career in the voiceover industry.

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