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By Celina Heath

Hope Ives Mauran was born and brought up in Providence, Rhodes Island but currently lives in Hodson Valley in New York. She is the famous mother of three who began her journey through the spiritual world around 1980. This decision was inspired by the book Embraced By The Light which was written by Betty Eadie. The book opened her mind and showed her that life had more than what is visible.

Spiritual communication with her guides began in 1999 according to writings by Ives. The exercises allowed her to have intimate communication with God. This was unlike what was conventional at the time. The approach was to see the hand of God in the things that He created. This presented a new dimension in the approach to wisdom of the world through the eyes of God. It was a way of looking at the world in the way God expects us to do.

It is through the teachings, writing and art work that Hope demonstrates her attachment to nature. She has penned a number of books including Emotional Transformation, Be the Second Coming and Where Wisdom Lies. She views the spirit of a person as a unique internal landscape that defines our thoughts and actions. This has been captured in her drawings which reflect deep spiritual attachment. They show that there exists a deeper spirituality in the form of a landscape in each individual.

According to Mauran, the word environment captures more than it has been thought to. Human beings have not fully understood this depth and there is need to reveal this wisdom to them. Our decisions and reactions result from the health of our internal landscape. It is by tapping into it that we are able to transform the world.

Hope has a background in forestry. This could be the source of her landscape idea in spirituality. She majored in forestry at University of New Hampshire and went on to found the Trees for Rye. This is an organization that dedicated its efforts to planting trees. She served as a member of Rye Conservation Commission. She is a renowned author and an avid reader.

One of her famous books is Be the Second Coming that helps individuals feel one with the intrinsic divine presence or self. The exercises therein help one to see everything as one just as Christ would. An individual will see the connection between structures, animals and people and how they form one united universe. This point of view is important in dealing with fear and limitations.

An individual who can identify the natural harmony in all things that are created has the capacity to bring change to the world. He can touch the souls of individual and make them better and stronger. This ability results from the power of relaxation that comes from revelation. She points out that it is greed that overshadows Christ awareness, stopping the person from experiencing this grace.

Hope Ives Mauran suggests exercises that will help individuals experience deeper relation with Christ. One has the power to live as Christ wanted. This experience is transformational. Books, videos and other resources by the author are available online at incredible prices. They are transformational.

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