How To Dispose Off Spec Chemicals

By Amanda Baird

There are many ways to dispose your off spec chemicals which are no longer of use for you. You may be running a business and it turns out that you have a lot of unused materials to be disposed. You cannot just dispose it immediately anywhere and anytime. Sometimes, it takes your effort and time so you will not be charged of any case.

Often times, your manufacturer will choose to take the materials back and reclaim it but this is not always the case. For instance, someone could reclaim or reuse them then it is no longer a waste under dangerous status. However, if it is the opposite of it then expect for another outcome.

Same thing when they are used to produce a fuel or place on the ground which normally cannot happen. Since a discarded substance must first be considered as waste in order to be dangerous waste, unused substances that are used prior to application is an exception. If no one else can reclaim them then dispose them.

You are considered as a generator as you were able to generate those kinds of wastes. So, your responsibility is to identify a dangerous material from those that are not. Evaluate it using the knowledge that you have regarding the chemical as well as physical properties or have just a sample in order to test it.

Determine if it can be one of the lists of hazardous substance or just a characteristic of it. It can certainly be both. For instance, the chemicals cannot be used, reformulated or in any way reclaimed and they are considered hazardous then you cannot simply send them to the solid landfill. It is the same thing with outdated, excess or any off specification substances.

Instead, you are required to send them directly to some tested storage for dangerous chemicals for treatment and other disposal facility. You can surely find some in other places if not in your own area. Do not throw them immediately anywhere as it can lead to various risks to happen. You also need to have a permit if you will burn everything down to be used as energy.

Many will take advantage of them as energy recovery. They will burn these chemicals down or used them to create a fuel that cannot really be a good idea to have. This is actually the reason why getting a permit is necessary. You are deeply responsible for all the substances that you are bringing with you.

These people must follow all the waste rules that need proper management while still on the site. There must be proper use of chemical transporter, manifestations and record keeping plus other requirements needed. If for instance, the person generates more than what is expected of him then he should make a report out of it. It will bear all the details about the generated substances.

You will include in the report the details about the generating of these materials during the previous years. This include not just the off spec chemicals during the present month. For to gather more information on the various categories of reports that you will be doing, you can ask the online guidance regarding the waste generator status.

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