How To Get A Girls Number Without Asking

By Estela Collins

Getting a girls number is the first step to getting to see her again.In the old days, when a man wanted to court a chick he might decide to 'write her' or make a formal call. In those days the first thing a gentleman would need is the ladies home address. Imagine asking a girl these days "hey, great to meet you, can I have your address?" Talk about risky.Luckily things are a lot less formal these days. Thank god all you need to ask for these days is her number. What makes it even easier these days is that once you have a girls number, in most cases it's socially accepted to test the waters with a text message before calling.

How to get a girls number - Step 1) Nuke her fear.The one thing a woman is leery of when men approach her is that the interaction will get weird - or even creepy. She's just as afraid of things getting awkward as you are, and that should be a relief for you to hear. That means you're not the only one with a little nervousness going on.So one thing you can do to alleviate that fear she has is to not appear needy or like you're just trying to pick up on her. Yes, you want to seem interested in her as a woman, but you don't want to appear to be in it for just the personal gain.

Make great eye contact.It's an easy thing to do but some guys go wrong here. You may just be nervous but if you don't look a girl in the eyes you will seem untrustworthy. On the other hand I don't suggest an unwavering stare either, that can be creepy and unnerving A good tip is to alternate unselfconsciously between eye contact and watching her lips as she speaks. If you're interested in what she has to say this shouldn't be that unnatural.

Your real objective is to build some rapport with her so that she feels really comfortable with you. She will then feel like she knows you a little bit. And as a result giving you her number will seem natural to her. To create rapport and get her number, practice the following tips.

Be a detailed listener. Initialize eye contact, listen, absorb, react, and emote. Always be sure to give her the floor to talk, give her space to express herself. Never be the type of guy with whom she doesn't feel rapport from at all since you are not letting her participate. If she is not a talker, listen all the same for cues about her interests and how she says things with her eyes and gestures.

To lead and open up the conversation and explore for common interests, practice active listening. Run with the thread of conversation to expand on it after repeating what you hear from her. For instance, she said, "I don't really go out much, my friends begged me to come with them." Your response is, "I know how that feels, and like you, bars are not really in my top 10 of best places to be in. Me and my friends mostly hang out and have more fun at private house parties. It allows us to catch up better. What do you and your friends do most?" Then give her some space. You have just led her to continue the conversation and could let you know more about her interests.

Get her interested in you- She would never give you her phone number unless she is totally interested in you and your personality. So the very first step towards getting her phone number is to get her interested in you. There are several ways to get girls interested in you but the best one is the cheeky way of approaching them. Try to be a cheeky flirt and approach them as if they need you. Make them feel a bit inferior and you would generate instant attention there and then.

This is a fantastic way of exchanging number and takes a lot of confidence to do it. It works especially well if you are in a group and you don't want to have to ask for the number in front of everybody. Most people usually have their phones on the table or somewhere in plain sight when they are in a bar. If you are flirting with somebody and you see their phone, make a positive remark about it and ask can you see it. When they hand the phone over to you, dial your number and ring yourself, while simultaneously starting a new conversation. You can then erase your number from the list of dialled calls.

Let her give it- Take this argument to a level where she starts to find it interesting and is looking for more and more. Make an early exit and let her know that you have other important things to do that just talk to her. Now this is the crucial part and this is where you need to work a bit as well. Some girls just wait for you to ask for their phone number therefore you should do this in a cheeky way as well. Before leaving say- I am not done yet but we can carry this on some other day. By the way do you have a phone? She might say yes.

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