The Benefit Of Using Android Spell Check

By Debra Cooley

Several mobile applications have been made to improve the operation of smartphones. Android spell check being one of them, it improves the quality of the text or any other document being typed within the phone with the application. It is used in editing and correcting spell mistakes and typo errors, therefore it improves the quality of the work.

There is importance of using the application but it is sensible to first start by looking at how it works before embarking on the importance. After the text have been typed in the phone, it is then subjected through the application to check for the wrongly spelt word. There is always a link on the right side of the application.

The link also provides the various suggestions for correcting the mistakes. Therefore the user only needs to type the work, then to click on the link in order to edit it using the suggestions as provided by the application.Other applications such as the messenger, Facebook, twitter and email may be used in sending the text after editing it using the android spell check application.

The application is user friendly. This is because it is easy to download and install on the phone as it has a small capacity of 1MB. This therefore makes it easy for people with small capacity phones to also enjoy its services as compared to other applications which require phones with big capacity in order to download and install.

Other applications normally require a phone with large capacity in order to download. However, the android spell check is only one mega bites. This therefore makes it simpler to install after downloading.The other advantageous feature of the application is the speech recognition.

The fact that the application is one mega a bite is also worth mentioning. This is because it makes it easier to download and install in any smartphone. Of importance to mention also is some of the unique features of the application like the speech recognition.

The application uses this feature in converting speech in to text. This is a unique feature which makes the application more interesting. Instead of typing, the user can just decide switching on the microphone of the smartphone, then speaking whatever he or she wanted to type.

The application then will convert the speech in to text using the right spelling. The user will then be able to use the relevant application in sharing the word. The application also reorganizes fifteen different languages. It can therefore be used to spell check documents in different languages. This makes it attractive to different people across the world. It is also necessary to note that android spell check is available free of charge. However the free version is limited to only 180 characters while the pro version which is charged is not restricted to any minimum number of characters.

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