Tips In Cleaning Wool Oriental Rugs

By Cara Torres

Cleaning wool oriental rugs is a lot easier than cleaning any other rugs. However, this does not mean that you will not pay attention to all its details. A good rug is made completely of wool and is hand knotted to further ensure long life and durability. Therefore, if you have any quality handmade rug, it would be simple to clean it.

Such rugs are more or less tightly wounded. But, you must always brace yourself for the formation of dust and dirt in its surface. Though, it can be removed by the use of a vacuum. If necessary, do it more often to keep it clean always. You may also take it outside the house and begin beating it with a broom to loosen up some of its materials. You can do it as often as you please to be certain about having it clean.

Wool is known to last and stay clean for a very long time. This is also a resilient type of material. By observing preventive measures to care for it, it would definitely stay wonderful and elegant for a longer time. The daily wear and tear would possibly be the top reason for keeping it very old, dingy and ugly.

Because it will be placed often on the floors, it can easily be worn and faded. Be sure you do not steam it as well. These are durable enough and its wool is piled accordingly to ensure that it could endure a lot. Hot water and steam will only tend to loosen all its fibers and can also cause potential damages to it.

Mild laundry soap and detergent is often combined in a bucket of cold water in order to obtain excellent results. Some chemicals and harsh cleaners like bleach are not advised to be used for it. A kit that is intended for removing spots must always be ready in all times. This constitutes of a dry white cloth, oil and grease remover, a bottler of detergent powder solution, polish remover and an ammonia solution. Put it in a certain box inside a cabinet for safety keeping.

In events that you encounter any animal accidents, you can flush it quickly by using cold water to further disperse the material and tap it using a dry rag. You should do it immediately for you to obtain great results. You can use any mild ammonia solution in the area that is affected and quickly dry it using a hair dryer or fan.

A great challenge in having these rugs would be removing its stains. You must use a small brush or sponge and simply blot it from the outside of the stain towards its center to avoid it from spreading. Once you have successfully removed the stain, remove the moisture by using some paper towels and allow it to dry.

After you sponge the whole rug, rinse it carefully by using a garden hose. Use old towels to remove excess water. You can also let it dry outside. Just avoid letting it dry in direct sunlight because it may lead to fading of colors.

Before attempting to wash or remove the stains and dirt in your wool oriental rugs, check whether its colors will fade away. It will always be a good addition to your home. You must take care of it properly so that you can maximize its use and it will always stay beautiful even in a longer time.

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