What To Text A Girl You Like If You Haven't Texted Her Before

By Zara Panton

If you want to learn what to text a girl you like, then you should start by avoiding marathon texting altogether. If you marathon text a girl, you will get rid of all of the mystery that girls love and become too predictable. In other words, you will become boring and annoying. Ideally, you should save the good stuff for your conversations in person. Texting is only there to help keep a girl's interest and make sure she thinks about you on a daily basis.

The purpose of texting is to flirt, build comfort, and be playful. Writing long messages that boast about yourself will not only not impress her, but it will make you seem insecure.This rules ties in with the last one. Remember, the person who invest the most effort into the texts is the one that's most invested in the interaction. By writing super long text to her, you are only showing that you are overly invested in her and that often comes off as needy.

Try to keep your texts short and concise. The impression you are trying to sub-communicate is that you are a busy guy who almost don't have time to text her.She is use to guys asking her all kinds of generic questions so you definitely don't want to come off as just another guy. Plus too many questions are annoying. Instead, phrase your questions in a more interesting way. For example, instead of, "Hey, what's up?" you could say, "Hey brat, what are you doing...besides obsessing about me? lol "If the girl is foreign and doesn't speak perfect English, try no to use any slangs or abbreviations that might confuse her. Be a little more basic and to the point.

Another goal of learning what to text a girl you like is to keep the anticipation and flirting going until you see her again. Face it: you will get into far less trouble if you text her too little compared to if you text her too much. Having said that, always keep your messages short and try to avoid talking about anything deep through text. Meaningful conversations should always be kept for actual conversations in person - remember that.

This is very important to remember, too: not all girls like to text. As a matter of fact, a lot of girls prefer talking over the phone over text messages. As such, you have to find out your girl's preferences in terms of communication before learning what to text a girl you like. To do this, just be straightforward about it and ask her something like, "Do you prefer talking or texting?" This would be the easiest way to find out how she likes to communicate, in general.

Getting your 'text game' right is crucial to progress the interaction between you and a girl you like. One dodgy joke she doesn't get or an accidental demonstration of 'neediness' and you find yourself starring at your phone all day wondering why she hasn't replied. Sound familiar? Then of course, you make the mistake of texting back straight away readily accepting her lame apology of "Sorry I haven't replied, haven't checked my phone all day"... yeah right! If you're struggling to figure out 'what to text a girl', you shouldn't forget to figure out 'how to text a girl'. Let's deal with both of these issues...

Sure, you've been a Casanova at getting numbers, but have you actually gone around to turning any of them to dates? If you've been having trouble with that next step, then here are some fresh ideas on what to text a girl:

If you want to take things as far as possible, drop hints about your intentions. You can do this by giving her a pet name that will make her feel like you two are together. Naturally, it has to have some connection to her, so think about a trait or feature of hers that you like. Giving her a pet name will make her feel more connected with you, as well.

After some text flirting, it's time to ask her out on a date. Remember that you have to be sure of your intentions before even proceeding with text flirting. You don't want to lead her on if you won't follow through. When it comes to asking her out on a date, you should do this casually, so that she won't feel pressured or creeped out. However, you also have to write your text in a way that doesn't give her any chances of rejecting you.

Maybe, you need to build comfort with the girl you like, because you don't know each other that well. Send something like "You won't believe the dream I had last night!"...then just elaborate and improvise.Whichever angle you choose to play, don't forget that deciding what to text the girl you like is both an art and a science. Your artwork comes in the form of improvisation and creativity; be unique and tailor your texts to your real life scenarios. The science comes from the formula of deciding upon your purpose for texting her, and write your messages accordingly.

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