Numerology The Truth

By Seema Mathias

Numerology can be used to give guidance in our lives. It makes use of your name and birth date to make prediction about our future and our past. Numerology can be used to give a very accurate assessment of our personal characteristics and personality traits.

I'm unbiased to fresh ideas, however i wish to admit that whenever When i first hear stuff relating to this numerology thing which i was extremely dubious. Then when I came across this web page which was giving readings which were, something similar to 80 many pages, I presumed I'd check it out.

I've had mystic readings during the past and some have been extraordinarily correct and some just plain rubbish and a complete waste of money. One reader told me I'd make masses of cash in the cosmetic industry and that was ten years back. I am not sure perhaps that's my calling and I'm not sure it yet, but I'm still waiting.

I waited for roughly a few days and my reading arrived by email. I started to see it immediately and also the hair on my small arms started rising. I had been amazed! It had been literally 80 pages and was describing me in depth. The Numerologist wrote about use is such detail which i really thought they knew me.

I actually do not know if they were merely a good neurologist, or if numerology is more of a science than mystic capability. I know this ; it was fantastic how correct it was. I've been though a hypnosis regression and that was intense. I have read many books about spirituality and the non-physical, but this was something definitely real.

The numerologist had not only told about me. I was told what my strengths were and what my weaknesses were. They had broken it down to a day by day reading. I can go back to and see if it really happened or not. I know people that read their horoscope every day. I have too, you know sometimes its right and most of the time it's wrong.

I have a science background and I know that the mathematics is the universal language and even Einstein knew this. Everything can be described with the use of numbers. Let's take that computer you are using right now. It can do what it does, because of numbers, ones and zeros.

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