The Success Of Rachel Gooen

By Helene Norris

Fifth House Consultation Firm is known to be one of the most effective consultation firms when it comes to leadership consultation. Of course its founder is Rachel Gooen and is known to be one of the best leaders because of her background in this type of field. For those who are interested in this very inspiring individual, here is a short biography on the famous Rachel Gooen who has made a very big difference in the lives of many people.

For her education, she took up three courses which were social change, environmental education, and of course sociocultural anthropology. As one can see, her direction is really on the non profit career as well as the social and environmental change side. This education was the thing that helped her achieve her very inspiring and successful career.

Before she was the famous founder of the Fifth House, she was an average worker in some well known organizations that really aided in her in her career. The National Audubon Society was one of the first non profit organizations that she joined and also where she excelled in. Another organization where in she entered because of her firm stand on feminism was the Womens Voice for the Earth.

From there, she worked her way up to become an advisor for other non profit organizations. In fact even up until today, she would be seen giving talks and lectures on leadership as well as teamwork to some organizational representatives. Her qualifications actually comes from the twenty years of experience in being in the field.

In fact she first learned how to be group facilitator in the year 2005 and became very good at it. She was a program developer for the non profit organization that she was working for at that time. She was even responsible for helping other groups prepare their projects as well as implement them in order for them to become very successful.

Leadership was not her only expertise but communications as well. In fact, she was one of the best communications experts that this industry has ever seen. The reason for her high class skill is because of her experience in the field of clinical sociology.

After her work, it was only then that she thought of going into business. She thought of creating the Fifth House which is a consulting firm that helps people become better leaders as well as better communicators. She was known to shoot up this business because of her hard work, determination, and her passion with helping people.

So basically, that is a short background on miss Rachel Gooen. As one can see, she is in fact one of the most inspiring leaders of this era. Her hard work and dedication to helping people has made her name known in the industry as well as her skills in communication and leadership.

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