Concepts Regarding Global Spirituality And The Afterlife For Average People

By Tara Daniels

There is never a day which passes in the field of global spirituality which somebody does not jump up and profess, I have the answer you are searching for. Sadly though, as with many critical thoughts it is open for various interpretations by anyone experiencing it. No one person will have the answers everybody is seeking, they will only be revealed by asking the correct questions and looking within as well as without yourself. It is a marvelous voyage filled with ups and downs. Though in the end, enlightenment is never easy and this is why it has value.

There is a good deal of misinformation about the true nature of the spirit world. It is the true and natural home for the human soul. It is also composed of many different layers each with special qualities. How far advanced our souls are along the path to the mind of God determines where they exists at any given moment in this realm.

The fourth layer is the lowest and divided into two parts, the hell plane and the astral plane. The hell plane is one of delusion and lies for people who have forgotten their true spiritual nature. The astral plane is for souls that are still unable to give up worldly things and ideas.

The fifth layer is what most know to be heaven. The beings there are filled with love and understanding. They are also humble and pure and desire the same for all the other souls they interact with.

The sixth layer is one composed mostly of light. This is the place where spiritual leaders exist, who posses the power to put their love and light into the world. Their strength comes from their understanding the true nature of good and how everything is connected. They use this to cultivate positive energy around the world.

The seventh layer is the first angelic realm. This is where the angles that serve the will of God exist. They have selfless minds and often move about the world helping others find salvation. Their main goal is implementing the will of God on this world by spiritually reinforcing his truth and love into practice.

The eighth region is the high angelic realm. Great angelic beings are here that combine to make a powerful spiritual force. As a spiritual force they are apart from yet part of the mind of God. Though they may act on the planet in God's behalf, they rarely do so. They may also divide themselves into different single beings when necessary for helping this planet move toward enlightenment.

The ninth layer is the realm if God. It is this force that orchestrates and affects all global spirituality for all beings that exist. The first through third layers are the ones everything else exists on depending on how cognitive it is and how well connected it is to the world around it. We have a responsibility to protect these things because like us they too have an energy that makes them unique.

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