Factors To Consider When Buying Pallet Covers

By Celina Heath

To ensure that your merchandise is protected against the elements and other dangers that might arise in both freight and storage, it is important to find just the right type of pallet covers to use. There are a range of factors to consider as the guidelines given below will illustrate. However, this being a beginner's guide to the topic, it is necessary to cover the basics first.

Many people outside the wholesale business have ever heard of pallets as containers for shipping merchandise and freight. Inside the familiar metal shipping containers, you will find compact wooden packages which contain the actual merchandise being shipped, they are the items referred to as pallets in shipping and warehousing jargon.

As you might expect, when the pallets are taken from the containers, they become prone to damage and other dangers. This is why it is important to find appropriate covering sheets to protect the valuable merchandise inside. The factors to keep in mind are as outlined below.

Pallet covers are almost always made of a durable form of plastic known as Polyethylene. To ensure that they are suitable for the job at hand ensure they have the right construction as well as recommended thickness in order to be certain that they will withstand battering and the assault of the elements. As a standard, do not accept to buy polyethylene covers which are less than 2 millimeters thick.

For users with multiple pallets to cover, there is little choice but to buy the covering sheets in bulk, sometimes for pallets that are yet to be shipped from overseas. The best providers in the business understand that convenience is just as important as the right shape when it comes to such items as covering sheets. They will therefore provide the covers in easy to use dispensing devices that include some handy perforations on the side so that the covering sheets can be laid out meticulously on the factory floor before the sheets are used to cover the pallets.

Pallets are designed to fit in with the dimensions and characteristics of the equipment and merchandise being shipped. As such, you will find that while there are some standards, some pallets end up being much taller while others are shorter. It is important that you order for cover designs that are specifically suited to the appearance and shape of the pallets you are dealing with.

Businesses which deal with goods that remain in storage for a considerable length of time are finding that the costs used in providing pallet covers have been rising. This has led to calls for finding designs that are more robust in order to provide for re-usage and recycling. Such cover designs are not only cost effective but are ideal for your business' environmental protection aspirations.

It is important that your customers get the goods and merchandise you sell in the same pristine condition you received them in from the manufacturer. This will depend largely on how well you protect them in storage as has been illustrated above. In other words, you need the best pallet covers for the job.

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