Horseback Riding NY Tips For Novices

By Helga Stokes

The number of people showing interest in horseback riding NY is increasing every day. This can be a favorite past time for you if you take the necessary steps to learn about the animals and their mannerisms. This will help you to manage the process much better.

Because the animals are very communicative, you should be on the lookout for the signs. These might be in simple actions such as flicking the tail. Only when you know what to look for can you catch the signs so therefore you should ensure you are keen in observing them.

The horses are not refined in their communication unlike human beings. They will react furiously to any provocation. As a novice, you should therefore be wary and alert to look for any indicators of agitation. You do not have to be a specialist however but just be able to understand the animal.

You will notice that the animals have similar behaviors that can be said to run across the board. Some tact is required in the way you behave around the animals. For instance, you should always take care when you are approaching them. You can provoke them and end up being the recipient of a kick. Watching them from a distance as they interact with the other riders will enable you to make an opinion about their temperament.

The way you approach the stallion is very important. Their eyes are placed at the sides of their head. This means that they cannot see directly in front or behind properly. It would therefore be a mistake to approach them from these angles as you might scare them if they do not see or hear you coming.

One of the ways you can detect that the animal is agitated is by looking at the ears. When the ears are pinned back, it shows the beast is agitated. You should not approach it when it is in this state. Only someone who has some experience should approach so that he can assess the situation before giving the go ahead.

It might also be kicking, stomping, neighing, stamping and pawing which could all indicate agitation. This requires that you take care when around it on these occasions. Sometimes, however, these are just signs of boredom.

The stallions are very easily scared and things like sudden movements and loud noises should be avoided near them. When they are restless, it is important that you remain composed throughout. This will help reassure it that all is well since they can also read your body language.

It helps if you form a bond with the beast before you attempt to ride it. This can be achieved by taking slow walks so that it becomes accustomed to your presence. Having the animal trust you is very important in determining how it relates with you.

You will find that the learning process is not very complex. All you need is to be patient. An experienced rider can also help make horseback riding NY training easier by guiding you through the process.

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