How To Turn A Girl On Using These 3 Methods

By Megan Grayson

All guys know that when it comes to intimacy with a female, the make it or break it question can be: How to turn a girl on? Even after you've met the right girl, say for the night, or for eternity, you still have to turn the heat up a major notch for there to be true passion, excitement, and unforgettable orgasms.Here are 3 methods that can greatly have you going from a chill 60 degrees to a HOT 95 degrees in minutes, finally answering the question - how to turn a girl on!

Women get distracted by outside noises. If you can turn off all noises and give her all your attention, you will be more likely to get her in bed. If this isn't possible and say you're in public and want to turn her on, you can still do that. You can stand behind her and whisper dirty things that you would do to her in her ear. While doing this, you should press your body tight to hers and maybe kiss her ear very softly and maybe add a little nibble to that kiss. Then while backing away, slide your hands lightly down her sides and then just release. This will drive your woman crazy.

Women also think romance is a top priority. Take her to a chick flick every now and then and while watching the movie put your hand on her thigh and move it slowly up and down her leg...this is a sure way to get her blood flowing. If you are at home you can lay in bed with her and light some candles. Candles are known to turn women on when used as a romantic night.

Foreplay is probably the number one way to turn a woman on. Most women don't even get to experience foreplay. I know people are in a hurry these days but denying women foreplay is not going to get you any brownie points. Just touching her and kissing her is a good start but then try pulling away from her. Get a little fantasy thrown in there or better yet ask her if she has any fantasies if you don't know them already. Tie her hands or blindfold, if she is okay with that. A lot of women are turned on just by those fantasies alone. Bring that foreplay and you will be sure to bring her pleasure.

Teasing a woman all day long will make her want you the second you lay in bed. This will not only turn her on but you as well. Teasing a woman can make sex the best you have ever had. Teasing her can include kissing her, going down on her, sliding your hand up her skirt and maybe even sliding your fingers into her before she goes off to work. Call her at work and talk dirty to her and then just sweetly say you will talk to her later. When she gets home from work and sits down, slide her pants or skirt off from her and kiss her up and down her legs. After doing this, slide your tongue along her clitoris and then quickly into her. Blowing lightly onto her vagina will give her chills and make her feel so good. Teasing a woman will make for some mind blowing sex.

A lot of times men only quickly kiss their woman before walking out the door but a longer passionate kiss at any time of the day will help get your woman attracted to you and turn her on. She will feel more attention and she will know how badly you want her. There are many ways to turn a woman on but if you combine all of these tips then you can surely make your woman want you every day. You can also be sure that you and your woman will be satisfied every time and you will always have top notch, out of this world sex.

Stay fresh, healthy and start: This is how the girl wants you and stays near you because if you smell bad, no one, even your dog comes near you. Stay fresh, take a shower everyday, and put nice and sexy cologne. Be very attentive and keep your attention to your girl all the time. Feel her presence and make your presence to her because this is very important.

Turn a girl on by making a great impression - Ok, there's no-one-size-fits all solution for this. What impresses one girl may annoy another. Be yourself. This is important. Discuss a unique skill or talent that you're proud of. Not only will this make you stand out it will make you feel more confident about yourself. Special hint: Girls dig a guy who's confident!

Now I know this may be difficult for some guys to understand, but words are very powerful, and can completely arouse and get your girl into the mood. The prep talk should consist of sincere compliments of the girl. It could be something about her jewelry, clothes, her eyes, how nice her hair looks, or how nice her shoes look (a lot of girls love to shop for shoes). Just make a few comments. Don't go overboard or you'll look like a dork!

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