Humorous Delivery With Funny Sermon Illustrations

By Andrea Davidson

Funny sermon illustrations are used by successful preachers to create a context for the reading of the day. They come with flexibility allowing you to use them either at the beginning, somewhere in between or to make a conclusion. Their effect has been noted by analysts who continue to say that they have a longer lasting effect than a plain session on the scripture.

Each congregation is different and requires a different approach when illustrating. The stories fit mothers, fathers, children, adults, elderly, youths, etc. Depending on the context. Others are for general use and can be applied in a variety of situations. The choice of an illustration determines whether the people will follow your delivery and find it meaningful. It must be used at the right time and to the right group. Other differences regard various seasons in the spiritual ream.

A session for couples would enjoy this story where a son was sitting by the door with his head fallen. The dad was concerned as he returned to the house and enquired in a low tone. The son turned to him and indicated that whatever he said should remain between them. The father would be surprised when the son said that just like him, he could not stand the woman inside the house. It is a caution on how couples should be careful with the things they say around their children.

Another story is told of a man who only attended church once a year during Christmas. The pastor would stand by the door and welcome the faithful telling them to join the army of the Lord. When his turn came, the pastor enquired why he only appeared at the church once a year. The man said that he was an ardent follower but was working for the secret service in the army of the lord and that is why the pastor could not see him often.

The mechanical nature of responses given by faithful during services became a matter of concern one morning when the sound system developed a problem. On normal days, the pastor would open with the words, The Lord Be With You. The normal response was, And Also With You. On the fateful morning, this pastor would not begin with the usual opening but would point out that the microphone was faulty. The congregation in their normal mechanical response replied, And Also With You.

Another illustration is used to show the important days a man goes to church. They are during baptism, on his wedding day and on the day of his burial. The progression of activity is hilarious since on the first day, water is thrown to him. On the second, friends use rice while during burial, they are fed up and have to use dust.

The wife of a pastor returned home tired after long Christmas Eve and morning services. The husband could not understand since it was expected that he should be tired instead, for delivering five sermons. The wife was frank to say that it was she who had to listen through all of them.

Funny sermon illustrations help pastors to ground the reading of the day in real context. It makes the homily easy to follow and gives the faithful a new twist to the same old reading. This will give fresh meaning to an old verse.

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