Important Information About Long Term Rehab

By Essie Craft

Recent studies have shown that the longer an addict stays in a rehabilitation center, the better their chances of complete recovery. As such, it is difficult to disregard the advantages of a long term rehab. The duration of these programs vary. There are those designed to span for a period of several months while others may last for two years or more. Long rehabilitation treatments are used to treat patients after many of abuse or after failure of several past treatments with other therapies.

An outpatient therapy is first administered to address the initial symptoms of an addiction problem. The failure of an outpatient treatment calls for the enrollment in a residential treatment program. There are certain factors that determine the duration of the treatment. These include number of previous therapies, severity of addition and length of abuse.

The main disadvantage of this treatment approach is the interruption it causes on the life of the individuals. This is the main reason why a majority of patients are reluctant to enroll for this type of program. Interestingly, recent studies have shown that the desire or willingness of a patient does not influence the results obtained. Whether the admission is voluntary or mandated by the court, the results are equally the same.

It operates in form of a structured therapeutic model. It involves the involvement of the whole community in the recovery and treatment process. The addicts enrolled in these programs work, share and live together and learn the expected mode of behavior and sobriety within the community. For a long period of time, work has been used as a therapy to treat this condition. It instills in them important values and skills that improve their productivity.

Traditional therapy and counseling play a significant role in these centers. They are offered to help the patients identify the basal causes of the addiction. They also participate in group and AA meetings at the end of every day. Conventional and behavioral therapy are also offered by the addition professional employed in these centers. The patients are allowed adequate time to recover before they are subjected to their previous environments.

Long term rehab patients operate within a structured environment that is strictly controlled. The patients earn additional privileges and freedoms through behavior change and the duration of sobriety. These include supervisory roles, better work and short passes out of the enclosed environment. By working towards certain goals and earning privileges the patients become motivated.

The process of treating severe addiction presents a number of challenges. This is mainly because it is administered where other treatment therapies have failed. The main advantage of this program is that patients are given enough time to transition to the expected way of life. They learn to work under supervision or in a team environment.

Choosing a long term rehab offers numerous benefits to the patients. It is regarded as a demonstration of commitment to change in order to lead a better and more comfortable life. It has proved to be the most effective solution to individuals suffering from severe addiction. It focuses on eliminating all the problems affecting the patients. These include the addition and any other health condition. It provides long-lasting results that prevent relapse.

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