Phlebotomy Training In New York

By Andrea Davidson

Having job security is a very important thing for everybody. Nobody wants to get laid off from their job and have to worry about taking care of themselves and their family. Those in the medical field enjoy the luxury of having some of the most stable jobs in the world. People will always get sick for one reason or another and will always need help. This is why so many people are choosing to join the medical field Some people don't have years to study to become a doctor or nurse. Instead, they take phlebotomy training in New York and have a stable career in a matter of months.

Working with blood is the main things that a phlebotomist does. Whenever a person is going to have a blood transfusion done, they are the ones who will draw the blood. After that, they will label it and take it to the area it needs to go. Safety is a very important issue in this line of work due to the blood exposure they are around.

During schooling, a student will learn the best techniques to find the right veins to draw blood from. They will also learn the importance of swabbing a patient before drawing their blood. Due to the nature of the work, a person who is not comfortable with blood should not work in this occupation.

A person who is thinking about entering this line of work must be good working under pressure. They should understand and be comfortable in a health care environment. Being discrete and confidential with patients information is of utter importance. Also, dealing face to face with patients will require people skills as many different types of personalities will be encountered.

Some of the other things they will do is verify records of patients. This will always be done before sticking a needle into someone. They will have to properly label and put blood away as procedures call. Making a mistake can cause major problems and possibly risk a person's job.

Being a person who can get along with diverse personalities is also important. When someone goes to a hospital or clinic, they are often very nervous. It is not a comfortable place to be. A charming and friendly face will always help a patient get more comfortable. With everyone at ease, the whole patient care will be a lot easier on everyone.

Once the training is done with, a person will have all of the necessary skills that are needed to enter the work force. Even though many states require their phlebotomy technicians to get licensed, New York does not. As long as a person has a certificate of completion from an accredited school, they can land an entry level position as a phlebotomist.

When a person chooses to take phlebotomy training in New York, they are preparing themselves for a very exciting career. There are many schools to choose from and a person should not be shy about asking all questions that enter their mind. If a tour is needed to see a class in session, the school should have no problem showing a prospective student before they actually enroll.

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