The Advantage Of Organizational Development Consulting

By Andrea Davidson

When a group is working toward achieving a common set of goals, they are considered an organization. If this group starts stagnating in their development because of organizational challenges, thus they should take steps to improve themselves. This is where an organizational development consulting firm comes in to help.

Organizational development, or OD, is a planned, organization wide effort to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. This process helps them solve their problems and reach their goals and one of its key emphasis is to learn new problem solving skills they can use in the future. OD consultants may pay particular attention on motivation, behavior, group dynamics, skills and values improvement and performance measurement.

The organization is complex, which is why change must be made in the four levels namely the organization itself as a whole, the management, the group and individually. These levels are connected to each other so changes made will affect the other groups. If you endeavor to make any changes, considering these four levels is advisable.

The consultants offer a wide range of service and one of those is called change management wherein they work with all departments, committees, and others. The purpose is to help make a plan and implement a significant change in the group like reorganization changes. Another technique is group problem solving where they group tries to identify an issue, then gather all the necessary information which they will use to outline any decision and action plan needed to resolve the issue.

Talent managing helps the managers in assessing the workforce of the department so that the right people are in the right roles with the right set of skills at the right time. Meeting design and facilitation work with the client to help them plan an agenda, then stay with it and discuss issues effectively. Team development is important to help them improve their ability to work effectively together.

Through business process redesign, they examine how the team does a certain task and determine if there is a more effective way to solve or finish that task. They also offer customized training to develop new skill, values and knowledge or renew them to help achieve their objectives. In order succeed in implementing these changes, the consultant must first understand how an organization.

There are six categories outlined by Weisbord to help understand organizational life namely the purpose, the structure, the relationships, the leadership, its rewards and how their helpful mechanism works. The first one is to know the purpose of the corporation, how the members understand the purpose and if they agree and support it. Structure points out how the tasks are divided to the different members and departments.

Examine the relationship among individuals, among units or among departments that perform different tasks and between people and the requirements of their jobs. The consultant should find out if what the company formally rewards and how are the members feel when they are rewarded or punished. Discover how the leader watches for blips among other boxes and maintain balance among them.

In helpful mechanism, the coordination of the company is evaluated and how they work together to achieve their goals. However, when the changes are implemented, this does not mean that it will have effects immediately as it needs time to be practiced. In the long term an organizational development consulting is very advantageous in all aspects.

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