The Strange Way I Met My Incredible New Girlfriend

By Jessica Bennett

Hi, my name is Jake. I am single, and work full-time in construction, sometimes 12-14 hours per day. I don't have that much time for a social life. But, I am really excited about my cousin's upcoming beach wedding in a few months time. However, there will be a lot of music and dancing at the wedding reception, and I have no talent when it comes to that sort of thing. This is the reason why I started looking into Dance Classes Melbourne. I figure that I can do something different and unusual, learn to dance, and maybe even meet some chicks if I'm really lucky.

Just before my first lesson at Twos Company Dance Studios, I felt kind of weird, as though something crazy or trippy was about to happen. As I walked into the dance studio, I saw only two other dudes and about a dozen women! I liked that ratio, and many of the women were beautiful and amazing.

All of a sudden I thought to myself that perhaps I will find a date for my cousin's wedding... some incredible chick who will let me sweep her off her feet dancing the night away under the moon. Hey, a fella can dream, right?

Hence the tuition began at TwosCompany Dance Studios, and we were taught the basics of both some popular and classic dances. It is strange for me to like dancing, as I have been quite off beat doing so in the past--but the beautiful chick I was paired up with danced like an angel. I felt very comfortable with her in my arms, and I imagined how great it would be to have her at the wedding with me.

After class was over, I asked my dance partner her name. Heather. What a beautiful name for such an amazing woman. Her puppy dog eyes were indeed Heather-gray, and her hair the lightest brunette I have ever seen, long and flowing with waves. Her features were gentle, her skin soft and light, and her luscious lips the most beautiful shade of deep red. I was in love. I could not wait for my next session at TwosCompanyDanceStudios so that I could see Heather again and learn some more crazy dance moves.

The following week I met up with the incredible Heather at TwosCompany Dance Studios, and we again shared our dance lesson. After class was over, I got enough guts to ask Heather to be my date to my cousin's upcoming beachside wedding. And guess what? Heather said yes!

The evening of the wedding I picked Heather up from her apartment. She answered the door in a deep purple, low-cut dress with a long slit up her left thigh. The color of the gown played gracefully against her peaches and cream skin tone. She was incredible and I was excited to show her off.

The wedding was amazing... a twilight ceremony right on the beach overlooking the deep blue ocean. After vows were exchanged, dinner and dancing commenced at the hotel reception. Heather and I spent the night holding each other close, dancing to the music. Her incredible hair was shining brightly under the big full moon that night, and I felt lucky to call her mine... all thanks to the incredible lessons offered at TwosCompany Dance Studios. I have a amazing new life, and a fun new hobby to share with my incredible girlfriend.

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