Tips In Collecting Vintage Advertising Signs

By Amanda Baird

There are many forms of advertising that is very common in different places like billboards, newspapers, radio, television and different forms of media. However, there are numerous vintage advertising signs that are still used which can cost around more than a thousand dollars and would also depend on its recent condition. If you would like to buy any of these, there would be some tips that can help you look for it.

Before you will start to find these items, you should always know all its values and if these are already considered rare. You could check or purchase books regarding collecting these unique advertisements so that you would be knowledgeable about the things that you are searching. If your intention is only to add decoration to your room, the amount of research would depend on the present value of the collection.

It would be a good step to do a research online. Ask the online sellers and verify some details that are found in their inventory of vintage items. They may offer it at high rates, but through this, you will have the assurance of getting quality merchandise. Apply for an insurance for these things as well to be prepared whenever instances of theft and damage might happen.

Some information about signs are also shown in numerous websites. The online auctions may also sell these where you can bid for it every week. Attending and joining various fairs about prints and papers will also be a good move. This is often conducted yearly in most countries which can last for until three days.

There are also sellers that will specialize in selling different postcards, posters and other prints. You can barter a few items in this setting so be sure to bring much confidence whenever you see a good value. The pawn shops, estate sales and other second hand shops are also good places to go.

Some online sites may deal with various vintage advertisements. Some of their holdings will change in a daily or weekly basis so check it regularly so that you can bid on other merchandise. They might ask you to start an account and require you to fill in some essential details regarding your personal information.

When you think that you are that desperate already, you could place in some classified ads in different magazines or local papers that you are asking for different vintage signs. You could offer the people that you could purchase a good piece and exchange it with a better rate. With this, there will be many people who would want to get rid of some things in exchange for a good price.

Many of the papers or book sellers would also keep a certain list of all possible collectors. You could try to accompany them and find items. You can also give the seller a possible list of item that indicates the things that you want to buy. Keep records of these things especially if you wish to purchase it. Catalog all your items and take some pictures of it for you to know its value.

In due time, the price of these vintage advertising signs would greatly increase. Still, these things can be collected easier if you will take time to review matters. Plan things ahead and stand firm in every decision that you will make especially if you want to stay in this hobby.

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