A Definitive Guide To Six Health Benefits Of Acupuncture

By Jason Miller

In recent years, alternative medicine and physiotherapy have received plenty of attention after some very groundbreaking studies have shown that they may be even more effective than traditional treatment. However, before opting to subject yourself to any treatment, it is important to get reliable information about what it can and cannot do. This guide has been structured to help you understand what you can expect from acupuncture therapy.

The fact that acupuncturists are adept at helping patients experiencing chronic pain deal with their woes needs no belaboring. Patients who have unsuccessfully tried to get rid of persistent pain using traditional medication almost always find the method much more effective as soon as they try it. This applies especially for those suffering from arthritis.

If you have been suffering chronic back pain for whatever reason, then it is perhaps high time you paid an acupuncturist a visit. Studies have shown that even normal pressure applied to certain acupressure points can relieve up to 15% of back pain without resorting to pricking with needles. The method means patients need much

Some insightful findings have also come to light in recent years with respect to the effectiveness of the method in increasing of certain medication. The most publicized of these studies showed that patients with depression who combined acupuncture-therapy with their anti-anxiety treatment needed less dosage. Considering that those patients also experienced mild or no side effects of Prozac (which range from nausea, accelerated weight gain to lack of sex drive) the advantages are clear for all to see.

Some other studies have been carried out to establish if there are any benefits to alleviating heartburn and indigestion. One study, carried out in Brazil, focused on a group of expectant mothers who often complain of such tummy problems. A group of the women who were given acupuncture therapy alongside their normal medication showed much improvement in incidences of heartburn compared to those who used medication and a change of diet.

Cancer patients undergoing a course of radiotherapy treatment report some debilitating side effects, depending on severity of the condition as well as part of the body affected. For those whose therapy is being applied on the upper trunk and the neck area there are often complaints of a dry mouth and they frequently become violently sick. It has been shown that patients who wore an acupressure band after such sessions perceived that such side effects were much milder than without the band.

One area which needs more research is whether acupuncturists can help you lose weight by nothing more than their needles. There are some experts who claim that this is possible while others think it is pure fantasy. In any case though, a course of treatment is a great complement to any diet or exercise program.

As has been outlined in the six different scenarios examined above, there is definitely more to acupuncture than meets the eye. An innumerable number of studies have been carried out to establish some of the fantastic claims about the efficacy, or lack thereof, when it comes to a number of medical conditions and ailments. The evidence is all out for everyone to see that this method suffices in both treatment as well as in alleviating some debilitating side effects of certain drugs and traditional therapeutic methods.

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