An Encounter With God Can Be A Life Changing Event

By Kate McMahon

Numerous individuals search for hope in a troubled society. With the many negative situations that take place in today's modern world, it is not surprising that some people feel bereft and hopeless. An encounter with God is sometimes all that is necessary to turn a person's life around. Such experiences can make it easier for individuals to face challenging situations and difficult problems.

A person has everything to gain and nothing to lose when he or she believes in God and fights the good fight of faith. However, it is important to realize that the battle is not against other people, but against the devil. He is behind all oppression, sin, sickness, and negative situations. When a person knows God, his or her faith can be built up and this faith will give the person power to live a positive life, regardless of the circumstances he or she is facing.

Making statements such as "I can never win, " or "my situation is hopeless, " is never a wise course of action. Individuals should also refrain from thinking that God did not hear their prayers. Instead, believers should simply cling to their faith and eliminate negative thoughts that come from the devil.

In addition, God has sent the Holy Spirit to believers. There is much negativity in the world, and the Holy Spirit can help individuals to remain positive. The Holy Spirit acts in conjunction with the Word of God, bringing hope, joy, and faith. The Holy Spirit is always encouraging to people and will assist them to overcome. He will also remind individuals that regardless of what type of trial they are facing, the Lord will carry them through.

It is also essential to refuse to dwell on the past. Becoming fixated on negative things that occurred throughout one's life will only result in a feeling of hopelessness and depression. In specific Scriptures, it says that God will restore the years that traumatic events or negative experiences robbed from a person. He has promised to help men and women eliminate negative thoughts and bad memories.

To receive peace from the Lord, it is essential to avoid distractions. For instance, prayer time should be a time when the computer, the telephone, and other individuals are off limits so that one can seek God in a peaceful environment. When the aforementioned distractions are eliminated, it is easier for one to hear the Lord's voice and communicate with him better than if the person was attempting to concentrate in an area in which there was a high volume of activity.

In addition, one must pray in faith. This is due to the fact that the Scriptures state that one cannot please God without faith. Fortunately, God can be reached with the tiniest seed of faith, and one can then proceed to build his or her faith on a daily basis and eventually believe God for greater things.

Essentially any person can have a life changing experience through an encounter with God: He can provide power to individuals to help them accomplish what they could not do on their own. This is why pursuing such an encounter is a wise course of action for virtually anyone.

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