An Overview Of Various Addictions And Their Treatments

By Maurine Higby

For most people, the term addiction invokes images associated with illegal drugs and alcohol abuse. There is, however, an additional sort of addiction referred to as behavioural addiction, which is just as undesirable. Based on the studies conducted by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), over $600 billion is squandered on substance abuse yearly. These massive losses in the financial system consist mostly of health care charges, decreased productiveness and law enforcement efforts needed to prosecute drug users and dealers. Regarding behavioural addictions just like gambling, work, sex as well as porno, these would additionally trigger negative results for relationships which are either private or even in the workplace. If you'd like to know more about these addictions, please read on.

Addiction to Drugs


Figures published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) show that 18 million Americans are hooked on alcohol. Moreover, results from the actual National Health Interview Survey demonstrate that adolescents are increasingly abusing drugs. Many forms of illnesses will also be likely to affect alcohol abusers including gastritis, pancreatic irritation, throat and liver cancer.

Prescription Drug Misuse

As opposed to common perception, prescription drug abuse is a huge problem in the United States. NIDA's scientific studies have revealed that as much as seven million US citizens are prescription drug abusers ranging from traditional pain relievers to tranquilizers. Their ease of accessibility had also induced them to become amongst the leading drugs which are being abused by twelfth graders according to a study by the University of Michigan. The addicts of prescribed drugs are actually those that got caught in the trap after taking these medication for their treatment or surgical procedures.

Addiction To Cocaine

Stats from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reveal that about 1.4 million Americans are generally hooked on cocaine. This kind of drug features a higher rate of emergency treatments of over 30% for every single abuser. Young children who are aged 12 and above are also part of these figures with approximately 1,800 of them using this drug.

Behavioural Addictions

Food Addiction

Food addiction is among the culprits answerable for obesity in the US, according to the Food Addiction Institute. The truth is, a review carried out by a researcher from the University of California San Francisco Medical School identified that more than 70 million Americans are addicted to food. The Brookhaven National Laboratory Medical Department had furthermore found out that overweight individuals are prone to possess a decreased dopamine level which ends up in diminished satisfaction. Consequently, overeating to improve their own dopamine degree is common.


This certain addiction may result in devastating fiscal, psychological and emotional concerns. Figures published by the National Council on Problem Gambling demonstrate that one in five individuals having a gambling problem try to commit suicide. This is because many gambling addicts turn out to be frustrated and troubled as they slide further into financial debt. It is also very likely that the majority of them are addicts of one form of substance or another. Regular participation in real estate or stock investments could also potentially lead to an addiction to gambling. Obviously, that should not be the situation if you're not employing these methods just to excite yourself.

Shopping Addiction

Shopping excessively is yet another common kind of addiction all around the world. A report provided by researchers from Stanford University found out that 6% of American females are shopping addicts. Males carries a somewhat reduced rate at 5.5%. Shopping excessively is often done as a result of despair, anger or simply to feel good.

How Addiction Influences One's Life

Although a lot of people try and conceal their addictions, their secrets unravel at some point later on. The consequences of addictions include the destruction of relationships, monetary stability, health and within severe situations, demise itself. For the addict, life revolves around the actual addiction instead of children, spouse, or perhaps parents.

Treatment And Restoration

Fortunately, an addiction can certainly be cured if treatment of the proper type is sought. Several strategies exist for this specific function and they include therapies regardless of whether group, mental, behavioral, religious or perhaps inspirational kinds. In terms of drug or excessive drinking, detox is frequently necessary as well. The National Institute of Health had also recommended that treatment shouldn't instantly be stopped at any signs of recovery. Rather, they must be ready to adhere to the treatment program for many years if necessary.

In summary, an addiction is any action or habitual compulsion that has a negative impact on one's mind, body, as well as social interactions. One can easily slide into food, cocaine, alcohol, gambling, as well as prescription medication addiction. Irrespective of the kind of addiction you happen to be currently suffering from, looking for treatment is your best bet.

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