Be The Second Coming By Hope Ives

By Amanda Baird

Be The Second Coming is a book written by Hope Ives on how to connect with the intrinsic divinity in us. It contains practical exercises that point at the oneness that is the universe. Viewing the world and all that is in it as one is what Christ calls humanity to do. This perspective creates new possibilities for humanity.

The world exists as one and brings together all the animals, people and structures. Their existence on earth should be seen from a broader perspective. Such a view is beneficial in that it creates harmony by eliminating fear and perceived limitations that exist in personal life. One will feel relaxed and find peace within. This is the only way to access a stronger personal will and use it to change humanity.

According to this book, an individual must be aware of the consciousness of Christ within. This is a personal decision where an individual chooses to appreciate and recognize Christ within. You will be taken through exercises that help you to begin having personal conversations with Christ. Only by going through such encounters is one able to experience and appreciate the presence of Christ in life. This divine awareness is translated in all areas of life.

The style used by the author is both poignant and humorous. The book is a page turner that is enlightening and captivating to any reader. The writer uses updated examples that readers of today can identify with. The exercises suggested in this book point at how Christ is manifested when people begin to view situations in a certain divine way. This introduces the reader to conversations with spiritual guides.

The manifestation of Christ according to Mauran follows certain instructions and is anchored on the mystery of his presence and consciousness in life. The reader creates vivid visions of the path of life. This vision is the driving force behind creating a life that you have always wanted. It is the path through which the earth can once again become a paradise. The author introduces another dimension of looking at things and seeing more that the physical world.

It is easier and possible to transform the world if we view it as Christ does. Everything gains new meaning and we can bring the change we have always desired. A better future for posterity becomes the goal of each individual. This transformation is only possible if we change our perspective of the universe.

Hope approaches wisdom from a spiritual perspective. She offers the translation to bring an awakening of the depth to which such a perspective can help us achieve. This is a journey towards perfection and increasing the energy vibrations of the world. This is a call to view the world differently. We will thus become co-creators with God.

Readers all over the world have given positive review of Be The Second Coming. Its approach is transformation and the best for this era. The book can be purchased online or in leading book stores. Its price is affordable and offers value on each page. Hope has included exceptional content and presented it in such a way that it melts even the most adamant heart. Individuals are able to identify with common goals.

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