How To Find Authentic Vintage Signs For Sale

By Gloria Mason

If you are looking for authentic vintage signs for sale, there are a few things you need to consider. Because the interest in this type of collectible has increased so drastically, you are likely to find a large number of copies. If it is the true antique that you are looking for, there are some features that you need to know about so you do not end up buying an imitation.

The increased interest is directed toward the porcelain on steel and old steel signs. These signs were typically ordered by breweries, cigarette, automotive, and oil companies. Because this type of signage stopped being used around the time of World War II, authentic products are very rare. For this reason it is important to be careful in your search for these collectibles.

If porcelain items are your interest there are some characteristics you need to look for. Typically, these items will be found with rust and chipping. This is because the sign was placed outside, often by a dirt road, and it was damaged by the weather and stones that flew up from the dirt road. The damage indicates authenticity. Bear in mind, however, that these conditions can be imitated so make sure to thoroughly examine the pieces.

Those individuals who are knowledgeable will also take in to consideration the kinds of materials available during the period. It is important to take your time examining signage to determine whether it was truly manufactured at the time period indicated by the seller. You can verify the authenticity by doing some research on the year that is often found imprinted on the item.

If you use the internet to search for collectibles you may find the same item listed on different web pages. If you are finding a large number of identical items it is a good indication that they are not authentic. A rare collection does not have many of the same or similar signage available. A large number of the same item indicates that it has been reproduced.

As mentioned before, these items were placed outside the building. This means that an authentic sign will be worn, chipped, and rusted. It may also be faded, scratched, and pitted. You should be aware that some folks will use acid to give the appearance the sign is worn and rusted.

Antique signage will have indications of natural aging. The result is an uneven fading due to the various colors and paints used. Pay attention to slight differences in the signs. No two items will be identical and you will want to look for the placement of letters and how the sign has deteriorated with age. In addition, these items would have been manufactured in a uniform size.

When searching for vintage signs for sale, take your time in assessing their authenticity. Look for indications that the items are true antiques. Remember that weathering can be created using acids so pay close attention to the chipping, rust, and fading of the piece you are examining. Do some research using the date imprinted on the sign. Make sure you protect yourself from purchasing counterfeit items.

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