How To Make A Difference In The World Through Change

By Amanda Baird

There comes a time in one's life when they feel the call to give back and do something to change the way things are. There is that desire to have an effect on the lives of others but just do not have a clue of how to begin. There are many options that show how to make a difference in the world whether that be in a literal physical alteration or getting people to look at things in a whole new way.

Being the source of change does not necessarily mean doing something so monumental that one wins the Nobel Peace Prize or becomes instantly famous. Most people who make the largest impact give from the heart and rarely receive recognition for the work they do. Doing it for the fame is not giving from the heart, but when one has the right spark, their small action could be the beginning of a big fire.

To begin changing the world, one must first look deep inside themselves. It starts by truly knowing where they stand on particular issues, what one's own moral code is and what their personal limits are. Understanding one's own strengths and weaknesses can show the most productive use of their talents to elicit the biggest effect.

Though it may sound cliche', volunteers create changes every single day, often without even realizing exactly how deeply they affect others or how far their influence reaches. From food kitchens to hotlines, blood banks and fund raisers, there are no shortages of places and causes that are in need of people to give their time and heart. Building homes and cleaning up parks and roadsides are still more ways to make an impact.

An act of kindness is one of the most infectious things a person can share. When someone experiences the encouraging words or unselfish support from another, it sparks something inside that tends to urge them want to pass that feeling along to someone else. This creates a snowball effect and before long, that one small deed has grown into hundred amounting to something truly special to all who are touched by them.

The hope of a brighter future lies with the youth of today. Volunteering for organizations that teach children productive ways to channel their energy and use their talents affects changes that are quite far reaching. When the young ones have positive experiences, they emulate the actions of those who provided that influence and pass that along to their friends, family and eventually their own offspring.

Another way to give back and have a big impact in the lives of others is to commit to caring for the elderly or disabled. These people should be made to feel valued and that their stories are still important. While it may not solve the issues of war or cure diseases, it will touch the hearts and lives of another.

How to make a difference in the world is a question many people ask themselves at some point in their lives and the answer has limitless options. The first step is knowing one's own heart, making changes there and living as an example so that everyone they come in contact with, even in the smallest way, is touched. Open one's eyes to infinite possibilities and never be afraid to speak up about important causes.

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