Past Conversations With Jesus Have Always Caused People To Think

By Gloria Mason

The conversations with Jesus that those of his day had were very much to the point of what the people were dealing with. Those same answers can be of help to all people today if they are studied in the Bible for their directness of purpose. People, in the modern world, do not have as much use for them and this is to their unknown regret.

The political world would be as divided as the political world then was. Many of the ideas that politicians think about would not conform to the what would Jesus do mentality that some propose they follow. They are mixed up as to what is the right thing and just talking to each other would bring the same responses they had during that first few decades of AD.

A very delicate decision by a visitor around Jesus would be the questions around the purposes of war. Some would think they are going to bring up the fact that there were a lot of wars in the Old Testament. They would, of course, be missing the point as these were undertaken during a time that people were not living in the grace that he represents.

Gun control would likely be a subject many would bring up to him. Yes, he said that blessed are the peace makers, however, he did not discourage his followers from carrying the weapons of the day. He was also not a fan of unnecessary violence balanced against the need to defend oneself.

A very interesting discussion of abortion will be high on many peoples agendas for Jesus. They would attempt to bring up the conditions of today and suggest they are better at fashioning a policy than he is. He would remind them that he knew each and every person while they were still in the womb and that has not changed.

The basic differences between men and women have a root in the teachings of all of the Old and New Testament. He would make sure that they have a firm grip on all of the things he would say in answer to any question. The conversations one would have with him would, of necessity, be questions and not lectures to him as his very nature would quell any of those thoughts.

The people of Bible times have had their lives turned around by the discussions they have had with him. People, today, can have the same life transforming experiences if they see and read those same talks. Having the time to think about all that was said and what is being said now will give everyone a chance to rethink and recommit to the right line of reasoning.

Having any number of conversations with Jesus would, they believe, not be in the best interests of most people. The things they believe are right and morale will fall very short of what he left for us in the Bible. His tolerance, religious teachings and unconditional love would not fit in with most peoples lives and they would know it immediately.

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