Studying Tips - How To Easily Achieve Your Goals

By Lachlan Haynes

Simple question: Do you know what you are trying to achieve (in your education or just in life in general) - and why? Really think about that question. It's more important that anything. If you don't understand what you're trying to achieve or why you're trying to achieve it then you have absolutely no hope of getting there. Why? Well where are you trying to get to anyway? You haven't even defined it remember! So step one is to create a goal want to achieve and a goal you actually understand.

At the next stage of goal setting we must ask ourselves not how are we going to achieve the goal but who do we need to become in order to achieve it? What specifically are the actions and mindset required to make the goal a reality? How does someone who has already achieved what we want to achieve act and behave? What values do they have? Are you being realistic in how you are going to achieve the goal you have set or will you just fumble through life hoping that by some happy accident all your dreams will come true?

Let's look at this another way. What actions do you take each and every day in order to progress your skills and attitude to the point where your goal can become a reality? Are you taking any actions? Or are you just doing what you normally do but hoping that because you "set a goal" that something amazing will happen?

People love events but people don't like processes. Unfortunately, the process is the most important part of achieving any goal. Think about it. We love to see the pounds just melting away (the event), but we don't like to eat healthily and exercise strenuously each day (the process). We love to receive a great score on a test (the event), but we don't like all the homework and study that is required to make it happen (the process). As I said, people love events but people don't like processes.

Getting good grades is hard work. Being fit and healthy is hard work. Being a great musician is hard work. The process of achievement always weeds out the weak - and unfortunately it doesn't always reward the strong.

However, for those of us who make a choice to go through the process, the events are extra sweet. A top grade, getting into College, winning the Super Bowl, or running a four minute mile are all events that happened because the person made a decision and went through the process.

This is important when we consider setting our goals and seeking to achieve them. Obviously, if the event itself is the only reason we setting the goal then it makes sense that we are going to struggle through the process required to realize the goal. That's just common sense isn't it?

So, if you are going to set a goal, you really need to understand what process you are going to have to go through to achieve it and make sure you are committed to it. The event is secondary; the process is what you are really committing yourself to. You must ask yourself, "What actions will I have to take every day to go through the process? Who will I need to be to go through the process?" If you can't answer that, you won't be able to achieve the goal you have set.

Goal achievement isn't a result or magic or miracles (although many of us just wish it was that simple). It actually just comes back to understanding what you want, why you want it and who you need to be to make it happen. Once you have all that in mind, the process will take over and the event will take care of itself. But if you follow the trend and focus on the event, you can be sure you will struggle to reach it. Don't let that be you. Good luck!

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