Tips On Using Slip Sheets

By Amanda Baird

Another innovation in protecting goods for shipping is by the use of slip sheets. They come in thin pallet size boards that are laminated heavily. They have several types which could be in corrugated form or made up of plastic while some use fiber boards or solid craft boards or a combination of different materials.

Commercial shipping currently use this approach in the transport of goods replacing the traditional use of wooden pallets as a new method have been found to be more efficient. They could be used by stretching or wrapping around the unit load making a strong protection for the transit. They can make the entire set of shipment stable.

One has to know what type would be most suitable to a certain shipment before choosing among the several types available. The distinctive characteristic of each material would depend on the unit load of the shipment. Considerations have to be made concerning the size, shape as well as the dimensions of the goods to be transported. Also, the parameters and patterns of loading will have to be determined.

One of the basic kind to be chosen from is the simple plastic sheath made up of the typical clear synthetics. This could be fitted around the finished products for shipping while some are fitting in the box dimensions basing on the order. Through this method, the cargo can be easily stacked on to a pallet and then secured by a strap.

Another kind that might be useful is the corrugated type which consists of corrugated inner board and two lining in the outer surface which are all bonded together with a glue or adhesive. It could create a material that is sturdy enough for the pushing and pulling machine to clamp on it once or twice without causing damage. Another benefit you can get from this is that it is less expensive and items can be safely move by a conveyor or a lift truck.

Paper or fiber boards are another option which could be utilized as a stacking platform for products the same method as those used in wooden platforms. These boards are usually paired with plastics sheaths that would fit over the products. Shrink wraps could also be utilized to lessen damage and shifting risks.

The heavy plastic design is made from a highly dense polyethylene recycled in common but with a more non tearing strength. An increased number of uses is allowed since it has the quality to withstand humid and cold temperature. Another benefit is its material life being longer that others and its lip extensions are more durable, making the entire set easily handled by conveyor or other similar machines.

This new approach could be used could be used to pack goods covering a wide range of kinds. The non perishable products that are usually transported are electronic gadgets as well as parts, textiles and clothing. It is also possible to ship perishable products even those frozen foods.

Cost efficiency is the best advantage that one could get from this new process of packing in comparison to the traditional ones. Assessment of another charges like those for pallets used for a certain client is no longer necessary. Among all these benefits is also the sufficient protection that slip sheets afford to the shipment of cargoes.

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