How To Get A Girlfriend If You're Fat

By Marie Clarke

Are you wondering how to get a girlfriend if you're fat? Well, I have good news for you. If you are overweight, then you should not worry about it because still you can get a girlfriend and she doesn't have to be fat as you are. Surely, being slim is a good thing but having awesome personality is even better. Women are more attracted to men's character than their muscular shape. So read on and discover the stunning secrets to get beautiful girlfriends even if you're fat.

In reality, getting a girlfriend really isn't so difficult. The model is similar to getting anything else that you want. Figure out some of the parameters, go somewhere and see what's available and choose the one you want.

Be positive and accept what you can't change. We all are not born with a silver spoon in mouth. In order to achieve success in dating life, you should accept what you don't have and then focus on the things you have. You will be surprised that you have lots of god gifted things that you can use to get beautiful girlfriends in your life. Find your passion and spend some time for you passion. If you do it, you will become a happier person. Also, women are attracted to the person who is passionate about something.

Be yourself and love yourself. It is a must when it comes to learning how to get a girlfriend if you're fat. Once you accept yourself and spend some time on your passions, you will find that you are going fall in love with yourself. This is the best thing I suggest to all guys. You should love a girl, but do not love her as much as you love yourself. If you love yourself, you will have plenty of options to get lots of girlfriend in your life. And if you love a girl more than yourself, then you will be sad when she leave you.Being fat is not a big reason that can stop you to get lots of beautiful girlfriend. But what you think about your fatness is a big reason to your success with women.Are you still wondering how to Get a Girlfriend if you're fat? Want to discover how a fat man becomes a pickup artist? Here are the underground secrets that most men never know about women.

When you're single, and sexually frustrated, your mind can play some pretty nasty tricks on you. For one, you might start thinking that you'll never meet somebody. If you aren't careful, this can turn into a vicious, self fulfilling prophecy that will keep you lonely forever.But realize this important fact: There's nothing about reality that is keeping you in your present state. There is no conspiracy among females, the world isn't against you. The Bilderberg group doesn't meet every year in secret to keep you from getting laid.

In fact, I'd lay odds that they don't even know about you. In truth, the vast majority of the world doesn't really care one way or another if you get laid or not.So step one is break out of that mental rut. Stop thinking of all those horrible thoughts. Believe it or not, there's tons of women out there that are just as desperate as you. Sure, they might not all be Victoria's secret models, but who cares?

Remember, getting a girlfriend is a process. A mutually selecting process. You don't show up and hope to be chosen. You meet as many people as you can, and be as friendly and outgoing as you can. Whatever you're comfortable with. Some people will like you, some people won't. Who cares.Some of those people that like you will be girls.

Now, this may sound kind of goofy, but write down the kinds of non-physical traits that are important to you. Summarize them in one or two words, and write them as small as you can on a business card sized piece of paper. On the flip side, write down qualities that are deal breakers. Summarize those as well.

Having a decent set of social skills is crucial to being able to talk to girls. Just relax, get out there, and talk to people. Don't expect everybody to like you. Don't expect to fall in love within the next 24 hours.Don't go out every night with the intention of "hooking up," getting numbers or even getting laid.

Just go out and enjoy talking to other people.The more you do this, the more friends you'll make. The more friends you'll make, the bigger your social circle will be. The bigger your social circle is, well, you get the idea.Just forget about any kind of outcome, and have fun. You're human. You've been hard wired by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to get together with and enjoy other people.

Would you like to know how to get a woman in one day? Would you like some handy hints to help you score someone fast? Is speed your thing and you don't have the patience for the waiting rigmarole? You have come to the right place! Read on and find out everything you wanted to know about how to be Mr. Speedster!

Be yourself. If you try to be Brad Pitt, you will fail miserably. You will be yourself if you think you are a treasure, and only if you think you are one will any girl think the same. There is something very refreshing about a real, honest man.

Women find that irresistible. Especially in an ocean of fakes, you will stand out for sure. Smell nice. Bathe and shave and wear cologne. Just don't empty a bottle over your head. Be subtle about it all. Use a combination so she doesn't know what you are wearing. This will reel her in. If you go Cool Water by Davidoff, yes, you will smell good, but it is too predictable.

The only way to find the bits of advice that works is to get out and ask women for a date. You will no doubt get many no's but that is not the worst that can happen. Being totally ignored is probably the worst that can happen. The more you ask the more yes's you will get.

Give her space. Don't be too aggressive, in other words. Touch her lightly, but not too much. Show that you respect her and her personal space. This will draw her in. It is an eternal dance, remember, and if you step forward too much, you will step on her toes and she will not be too pleased. Then it will turn into a story of how I lost that woman within five minutes!Congratulations! You have the formula for how to get a woman in one day. Now, once you get her, what are you going to do with her?! We hope you have it all figured out! Good luck!

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