How To Keep Him Interested In Your Relationship

By Marianne R. Brown

Why is it that a woman who seems to have it all - good looks, a successful career and great friends - can have trouble achieving a good relationship with a man? It doesn't seem to make any sense on the surface. She is kind and considerate; she is available to him whenever he calls and understanding when he has to break a date. She cooks him gourmet meals and buys him little gifts.Unless you are adept at decoding male psychology, it is hard to figure out how such a woman can't seem to hold a man's interest. She seems to do everything right yet her relationships always seem to fail. What is she doing wrong?

One of the best ways to keep a guy interested is to impress a guy with your intelligence. In case you don't know, most men admire women who are smart and women they can have interesting conversations with.

While guys may like staring at beautiful women, just these two alone will not make a guy want to stay with a woman. As you may already know, one of men's long-term goals is to establish communication with a woman. Therefore, being witty or intelligent will help you and your man establish communication.

One of the main complaints men have about their girlfriends is that they are too clingy. Even though you're in a committed relationship, you should still make the effort to keep up with your own friends and pursue your own interests. This will give you something to talk to your boyfriend about and keep him interested in you and what you are doing. It will also give him some time to hang out with the guys.This might contradict the last point a little, but men love to feel that you need them, and they want to take care of you a little. Having a woman to take care of boosts a guy's ego and makes him feel manlier. You might be a strong, independent woman to the outside world, but show your boyfriend a little vulnerability and he'll be yours for keeps.

If you're constantly playing a part, and trying to be the person you think your boyfriend wants you to be, he will soon lose interest in you. If you want to know how to keep him interested, the key is to just be yourself and do the things that make you happy. If your boyfriend doesn't love you for who you really are, perhaps you don't want to keep him interested after all.o woman likes it when their man looks at another woman or begins to pull away. This can make them very insecure in their relationship and they want to know how to make sure that they keep his interest in them forever. How does one keep his interest? Its pretty easy actually - just follow these steps.

This means that you will have to think like the guy. Don't try to reason things out like a woman because you will end up sobbing your heart out instead of looking at the facts in a logical manner. Look at your relationship through a microscope and find out if there are things that could make him slip away. Deal with those areas positively.A guy can only take that much! You may look like a sex bomb or a fashion model - but that does not guarantee your man's love and interest for a lifetime if you have a bad attitude. No one can stand a woman with a bad attitude so clean up your act!

Another sure fire way to keep him interested in you: Just as they need space so do you. As mentioned earlier, let him miss you. Have a night out with the girls. Go shopping. Resist the urge of wanting to be with him. Now this appeals to the more primitive side of man. They love a challenge. When he sees that you're not as available as you were at the start of the relationship, he slips into the puppy mode and tries to get back your attention. A word of caution: don't overdo it. Someone else might find your lost puppy and bring him home.

If you are wondering why making a guy laugh and have fun is advantageous for you, then here are your answers. First of all, if you make a man laugh, he will feel more at ease whenever he's with you. Thus, this will encourage him to be more open to you. Secondly, if you can make a guy laugh and he feels good while you are around, he will be more likely want to spend more time with you. And whenever you're not around, he will begin to miss your company.

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