Where To Meet Women

By Stella McLeod

I know it may be shocking to a few but the bar or the party are not the best places to meet women to date. Why is that? Their defenses are going to be up and they'll be expecting all types of guys to be either drunk or sober to be hitting on them all night. So let's change the atmosphere and find other places that will help us be more successful with our attempts.

Some of the areas that a man will have to frequent in regards to where to meet women will include but not limited to the following areas;Most people get uncomfortable about dating in the workplace. But if you are employed in a large organization and spend almost eight hours daily in the workplace it follows that you will interact more with your fellow employees. The dilemma on where to meet women is thus easily solved if you have an open mind, pay close attention (Not Sexual attention!) and show interest towards the opposite sex at your place of work. You would be surprised at how many good women are around.

The online dating services are a good resource to find women as well. You can choose from a multitude of sites to join with. You simply join a site, create a profile, give a brief description about yourself, post a picture, and you either wait for someone to take interest in you or vice versa. Ask your friends or family if they know anyone who's available. Surely they may have a friend or maybe their friend has a cousin, sister, aunt, etc.There are plenty other places you can go and meet women to date. It just takes a little brain muscle from you and surely you'll come up with something slick, I have faith in you! Thanks for reading and good luck.

If you are divorced/ single parent or would not mind dating someone with children, then next time your son's or daughter's school call for a meeting then be at your best. Here is where to meet women, who are responsible, mature and most likely know what they want in life. Don't hesitate to start a conversation. You have numerous openings to strike a useful discussion.

Most women love shopping. This is usually a goldmine in terms of where to meet women. It is one of the easiest places to start a conversation and even get an immediate coffee date. The good thing with shopping malls is that you can walk around without looking like a stalker. It also allows you the chance to make an educated choice as you get time to give your potential partner a good, unbiased look.

Women have been known to frequent bookshops and libraries in search of serious relationships. Pay keen attention to the romance novels, self-help and beauty sections; seek some advice from a single lady regarding a book or two to start a brief discussion.Lastly there are numerous places one can frequent, or trips one can make in search of a partner. In Short no place holds the sole key on where to meet women.

If you are just looking for a fun time or a small fling, than bars and clubs might be your solution. Since everyone is usually drinking and in a good mood, you have a great opportunity to buy women drinks, ask them to dance, or just start a good conversation. These places are not known as great places to find actual relationships, but have a good success rate on taking women home for a small fling.

Helpful tip: Get 2 PROFESSIONAL photos. One in your best suit. The other more casual. You should NOT write a book in your introduction. Just tell potential ladies that you are looking for a self-reliant woman to share some laughs with as you get to know her over coffee. The most important thing is that you pass the physical attraction test and are able to get her out to meet you for coffee. You will never sell her on a relationship over cyberspace so just keep it light and funny and hope you get to meet her in person.

Joining a gym or sport clubs will be a great way to meet women. Most large gyms have classes that you can sign up for and attend that will allow you to interact with women who are interested in the same classes. You can then start a relationship and work out together and see where the relationship goes from there. The same strategy applies to sport clubs, after you meet someone you like, ask them if they would like to practice the sport with you on a regular basis. Not only will you get in more shape, but will meet women that have the same activity interests as you.And there you have it, 5 excellent places where to meet women.

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