How To Have A Dialogue With God

By Gloria Mason

Some people do not know how to have a dialogue with God. This is not like you are going to have to argue with him. Think of it as a casual talk with the one who created you but unlike many casual talks that you have had with friends, this one is very special.

The most important thing is that you are able to express yourself very clearly and without pretentions when you do your prayers. Remember that you do not need a spiel. What the Lord wants from you is that you transmit to him or show to him what your heart really desires. The Lord can see this.

You do not have to hide from for he can see the depths of your soul. You can try but you know pretty well that you cannot hide from him. He can hear your thoughts. Even you ask a different thing from him, he will still grant what hears from your heart. That is because your heart is probably beating a different thing than what your mouth is speaking.

He knows who you are. Even before you say it, he already knows what is best for you. If there is a saying that mothers know best, then the Lord knows what is best for you too. If you are like groping in the dark on how to communicate your thoughts with the Lord, you can also request for some guidance from your pastor or any religious leader that you believe would be able to help you.

Do not hesitate to come to them for help. They are willing to help people from you. In fact they are happy when people seek out their help in coming back to the Lord. Get in touch with your religious group. If you do not have a religious group, do not worry.

There is a lot that you can choose from. Some of these religious groups have websites. You can check them out for information. Valuable information is posted in the congregation websites. The websites are not only for announcements but they are also those who need help like you.

It is not like you will be seeing the manager that your knees have to wobble or that you feel so nervous. In fact, this is one of the most relaxing moments in your life. The peace and quiet afforded by this moment is not like many things that you have experienced. This is a solemn moment between you and the Lord.

Contact details of the congregation are also available in the website. You can call a representative of the congregation through the telephone or leave a message via email address. Books can also be of help. Books that help people lay down their spiritual intentions are available.

Such religious books are very helpful for there are people who also love to read than talk with a pastor or a priest about this. The resources are just there to guide you. A dialogue with God that comes from the bottom of your heart is still the essence of the whole thing. Again, this does not have to be formal. Just be yourself in the presence of the one up above.

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