The Relevance Of Seth And Shakti Divine Partnership Studies

By Gloria Mason

Seth And Shakti Divine Partnership Studies is very important in guiding a relationship or a marriage. It is necessary for one to have a clear understanding of the term divine partnership studies. It may be described as a study focusing on the relationship of people through the application of divine intervention. It has to do with marriage relationships or relationship between a man and a woman. This study therefore elucidates the various ways through which relationships may be made stronger.

It is important that there is intimacy between spouses in a marriage or in a relationship. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, it is therefore necessary for the partners to know how to continue feeling the intimate love that binds them. The first fundamental thing is to understand your partner. Understanding in a relationship is very important. Being able to understand one another helps in creating a conducive environment, this promotes the continuity of the intimate feeling.

The other significance is the need for communication in a relationship or in a marriage. There is a need that couples communicate effectively to each other. This study helps one to acquire the necessary skills which enable them to communicate with each other effectively. It is important that couples are also able to communicate their feelings. It is needles for one to love somebody and fails to express that feeling. Proper communication also helps the couples to be able to express their feelings of love to each other.

Spiritual intervention also helps one to be able to communicate effectively. Communication is necessary in expressing how one feels towards another. Feelings cannot be expressed if one lacks communication techniques. This study therefore helps couples to be in a position to effectively communicate with each other.

Problems must always exist is any marriage or relationship. There is a need for the couples to be able to understand how they solve their problems. Problem solving should be guided by spiritual intervention. If problems are effectively and harmoniously solved, then they will make the relationship or the marriage to be stronger. On the other hand, if they are not properly solved, they can cause marriage breakdown. Therefore it calls for the intervention of divine partnership to achieve these.

Negative feeling is also a threat to the future of a marriage or a relationship. These negative feelings can only be eliminated by changing the mindset of the partners as well as encouraging intimate connection between them. This intimate connection is brought about by the divine partnership.

The other importance of the study is enabling people to have a change of mind and to eradicate any negative feelings which might exist. These negative feelings can only be eradicated by spiritual intervention which as discussed in the study. Negative feeling is capable of pulling down a marriage therefore it is important and necessary that it is dealt away with for the survival of the marriage or the relationship.

This study therefore helps couples to have a mind change on the various perceptions about relationship. Considering the above discussion, it is true to say that Seth And Shakti Divine Partnership Studies is very significant in nurturing a healthy relationship among couples.

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